script conversion systems

System Name: iso-ara-Arab-Latn-233-1984

Authority IDiso
System ID233-1984
Source ScriptArab
Destination ScriptLatn
NameISO 233:1984 Documentation -- Transliteration of Arabic characters into Latin characters
URL["", "", ""]
DescriptionIs one of a series of International Standards dealing with the conversion of systems of writing, following the principles of stringent conversion in order to permit international information exchange. Its aim is to provide a means for international communication of written messages in a form which permits the automatic transmission and reconstitution of these by men or machines. Cancels and replaces ISO Recommendation R 233-1961
  • Parallel
  • any (a0061 to ￿ffff)
    before: boundary, not before: boundary + any (2018, 2019, '0027)
  • 0020A0041t0074 0020T0054
    0020a0061t0074 0020T0054
  • 0020A00411e6f 00201e6e
    0020a00611e6f 00201e6e
  • 0020A0041d0064 0020D0044
    0020a0061d0064 0020D0044
  • 0020A00411e0f 00201e0e
    0020a00611e0f 00201e0e
  • 0020A0041r0072 0020R0052
    0020a0061r0072 0020R0052
  • 0020A0041z007a 0020Z005a
    0020a0061z007a 0020Z005a
  • 0020A0041s0073 0020S0053
    0020a0061s0073 0020S0053
  • 0020A0041š0161 0020Š0160
    0020a0061š0161 0020Š0160
  • 0020A00411e63 00201e62
    0020a00611e63 00201e62
  • 0020A00411e0d 00201e0c
    0020a00611e0d 00201e0c
  • 0020A00411e6d 00201e6c
    0020a00611e6d 00201e6c
  • 0020A00411e93 00201e92
    0020a00611e93 00201e92
  • 0020A0041l006c 0020L004c
    0020a0061l006c 0020L004c
  • 0020A0041n006e 0020N004e
    0020a0061n006e 0020N004e
  • 0020A0041l006c 0020
    0020a0061l006c 0020