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System Name: bgnpcgn-urd-Arab-Latn-2007

Authority IDbgnpcgn
System ID2007
Source ScriptArab
Destination ScriptLatn
NameRomanization of Urdu (2007)
DescriptionThe following is the approved romanization system for deriving standard spellings of Urdu geographical names for Pakistan. It was jointly adopted by BGN and PCGN at the 23rd BGN/PCGN Conference in Washington, DC, in 2007 and it is based on the Hunterian romanization system for Urdu, which has been used by the Surveys of India and Pakistan for romanizing Urdu geographical names for more than one hundred years. The BGN/PCGN system laid out below includes diacritical marks in order that the original script can be derived from the romanized form (i.e. it is reversible). For desk users requiring a diacritic-free form, these diacritics can simply be removed. In every case the same basic Roman-script characters are kept as are used in the Hunterian system. The BGN/PCGN forms have further been designed to harmonize with the BGN/PCGN Persian romanization system.
  • Parallel
  • any (a0061 to ￿ffff)
    before: boundary, not before: boundary + any (2018, 2019, '0027, -002d)
  • 0020A0041t0074 0020T0054
    0020a0061t0074 0020T0054
  • 0020A0041s0073̄0304 0020S0053̄0304
    0020a0061s0073̄0304 0020S0053̄0304
  • 0020A0041d0064 0020D0044
    0020a0061d0064 0020D0044
  • 0020A0041z007ā0304 0020Z005ā0304
    0020a0061z007ā0304 0020Z005ā0304
  • 0020A0041r0072 0020R0052
    0020a0061r0072 0020R0052
  • 0020A0041z007a 0020Z005a
    0020a0061z007a 0020Z005a
  • 0020A0041s0073 0020S0053
    0020a0061s0073 0020S0053
  • 0020A0041s0073h0068 0020S0053h0068
    0020a0061s0073h0068 0020S0053h0068
  • 0020A0041ş015f 0020Ş015e
    0020a0061ş015f 0020Ş015e
  • 0020A00411e95 00201e94
    0020a00611e95 00201e94
  • 0020A0041ţ0163 0020Ţ0162
    0020a0061ţ0163 0020Ţ0162
  • 0020A0041z007a̧0327 0020Z005a̧0327
    0020a0061z007a̧0327 0020Z005a̧0327
  • 0020A0041l006c 0020L004c
    0020a0061l006c 0020L004c
  • 0020A0041n006e 0020N004e
    0020a0061n006e 0020N004e
  • 0020A0041l006c 0020
    0020a0061l006c 0020
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