script conversion systems

About Interscript

The Interscript project was first conceived in 2017 stemming from the work at ISO 24229 "Codes for script conversion systems" of ISO/TC 46/WG 3. The initial work was led by Ribose.

A method was needed to allow for interoperability of transliteration systems of identical definitions, and also a way to implement machine-executable script conversion systems such that they are platform-independent and also independent of programming languages.

The need and benefits of allowing script conversion systems to be implemented in a machine-readable format, compared to the traditional way of expressing conversion rules in plain text, are clear. A new platform-independent language was developed to allow encoding of script conversion systems and applied to all systems implemented by Interscript, numbering over 200+.

Interscript is continuously growing in terms of number of systems, features, as well as in scope.

Supporters of Interscript

The Interscript project has received extensive support from the following organizations and individuals, and wishes to express its appreciation to them (in no particular order):