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Rababa for Arabic diacriticization

Diacritization is the art of completing Arabic scripts with the correct vocalization, which is a task that only advanced Arabic speakers successfully manage.

Rababa is an open source, openly-licensed library available on both Python and Ruby that utilizes advanced neural network architectures for the diacriticization of Abjad scripts like Arabic and Hebrew. Moreover, the trained models are also openly-licensed and their source datasets are also open sourced.

Trained Rababa models are available in both PyTorch and ONNX formats, which allows for platform-independent execution of the library.

More details about the development and origin of Rababa can be found on our Rababa blog post. Rababa is available on GitHub.

Enter unpointed Arabic text (or update the sample) and click "Add diacritics" to obtain diacriticized Arabic.