script conversion systems

Secryst is a seq2seq transformer suited for transliteration. Written in Ruby. It’s installation is a bit tricky, you should consult its own installation guide (at GitHub). By default we don’t use Secryst, unless you have installed it.

Using it standalone

It’s enough to install it. Be sure to consult the guide above.

Integration with Ruby Applications

In your Gemfile, add:

source ""

gem "secryst"

Create a Secrystfile near your Gemfile with the following, for each model you want to use in your application. Please consult our Secrystfile to get all the maps needed to get all the Secryst maps needed.

model "model-name"

Usage inside maps

stage {
  # ... sub "a", "b" ...
  secryst model: "model-name"
  # ... sub "c", "d" ...

As of now, Secryst is usable only by the Ruby implementation.